I'm very exited about two Snow White movies a month apart. Snow White was my favourite fairytale as a child, even back then I was fascinated with pale skin and ruby red lips. I've always thought that red lips is such a grown up look- maybe red lipstick is always the first piece of makeup a teenage girl starts wearing because we are told 'skin as white as snow and lips as red as blood' are the fairest in the land? But, as we get older, most ladies don't bother with a red lip as it's such an effort to apply and re-apply, have it bleed, re-apply, wipe marks off teeth, re-apply.. it's so much effort. For decades makeup companies have made fortunes and empires out of the 'long-lasting red lipstick' promise!

Celebs wearing red lips on screen and in magazines have makeup artists who step in to touch up faded lips and wipe marks off teeth (perks of the job) but the rest of us don't have someone following us around all day, wiping off that bit of lipstick that moved to our chin. So, while it is important to have a great, long lasting lipstick it's equally important to learn how to apply it so it lasts as long as possible.
  • First prep your lips for a smooth base, no lipstick sits well on chapped lips. Rubbing with a rough flannel is good, or running a q-tip coated with lip balm over the lips works well.
  • Line your lip with a matching colour pencil, if you want to change your shape you can go slightly over or inside the natural line for thicker or thinner lips.
  • Fill all over the lips with your liner pencil and blot this with a tissue. 
  • Apply your lipstick over the pencil layer, blot again.
  • For long lasting lipstick the idea is to create layers, now gently pat some no-colour translucent powder over your lips with a make-up sponge or powder puff then re-apply lipstick again.
  • Repeat this a couple more times (lipstick then powder) finishing with a blot and your lipstick should be set for a week. 
  • If you don't kiss anyone, lick your lips, wipe your mouth or eat anything that involves your hands (burgers, ribs, donuts) you should have an evenings worth of lipstick in place.
*disclaimer - I would still advise carry a compact with you at all times for regular checks!

PS. Choosing the perfect red is a whole other post, but for lips as red as blood a good start is MAC Ruby Woo

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