YSL calls this a facial cleansing balm but this is no ordinary cleanser. This is luxury in a face wash, this is what cashmere blankets would feel like if they were soap. I can only imagine the kind of lives the people who buy this at £40 a bottle have but I'm sure they're not wiping last nights mascara off on the loo. This cleansing balm is possibly the most luxurious thing I've ever used and it is incredible, they quite rightly describe it as a "unique sensorial experience". It comes out as a balm, turns to oil and then to milk, I'm surprised it doesn't collect as gold in the sink. 

The texture is so soft it comforts the skin while it's cleansing, I have never seen my skin look so good without make-up. I used this for 2 weeks and my skin was so radiant and smooth I didn't need to use any foundation. It completely dissolves all makeup, including waterproof mascara and is fantastic for sensitive skin, it leaves skin supple and perfectly moisturised with no drying or tightening sensations. If I had enough money that I could literally wash it down the sink this would absolutely be the cleanser of my dreams.

 Luxury In A Bottle £40/ $65

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