If blondes have more fun then they deserve it, it's hard work! Those piles of silver foil every 6 weeks take a lot of effort and then there is the colour change, the brassiness, those warm tones that turn a bit yellow and that awful orange tinge that comes out of no-where. Step up silver shampoo. This god send for the fake blonde adds shine to dull brassy blonde hair, lessens the appearance of yellow discolouration and a good one will give the hair a dramatically brighter and glossier appearance and Philip Kingsley Pure Silver Shampoo (£15) is the best of the best.

This product is a-mazing. It's fantastic at fixing discolouration, evening out the colour and leaving it brighter and shinier. It's also really moisturising which is very rare in a silver shampoo (I've tried a few) and leaves hair soft, shiny and manageable. It has a nice inoffensive lavender fragrance which is also rare, silver shampoos usually smell quite chemically. Out of all the silver shampoos I've used this isn't the cheapest but it is my favourite. It's suitable for daily use and comes with a silver conditioner, which would work out quite expensive for 250ml bottles. Or use it weekly or whenever you feel your colour changing and want to add shine to dulling hair tones, the story of a blondes life. 

Blondes have much more fun work!


  1. loreal silver shampoo, redken siver charge and de lorenzo(australian) are also really good i've found. I literally have tried loads! Also de lorenzo does one which goes pinky blonde called rosewood. amazing!

  2. You have tried lots! I liked loreal & redken but then I tried Philip Kingsley and didnt look back. I havent heard of De Lorenzo I will check them out, thanks


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