Recently Vogue did a piece on their '10 Best Mascaras' which made me think about my own top ten list and would it match? It didn't. There are so many mascaras it's impossible for a blogger/make-up artist to try them all, you try a few but you always go back to your favourites. So I thought long and hard about my own list and there was only one crossover with Vogue's which means one thing.. there's too many mascaras and we're spoilt for choice!

Lenthening, volumising, texturing, waterproof, sensitive, long lasting.. no-one wants to choose length over volume, am I right (nudge and/or wink), why cant we have one that does everything? When buying a mascara my general rule is ignore whatever claim it makes and look at the brush. Don't buy one of those really thick ones the cheaper brands tend to have, they're too big to reach the lash base and usually give you messy clumpy lashes that smudge. But don't go too thin as that wont build any volume. The ideal brush is somewhere in the middle and when you take it out there shouldnt be clumpy bits of wet (or dry) mascara on it. Start there and you'll find a great one in no time.

1. Max Factor Masterpiece Max £10/ $12.65 (my all time favourite)
2. Lancome Hynosis £21/ $26 (Vogue list crossover) 
3. Eyeko Skinny Mascara £15.00 / $19.00 
5. Lancome Defencils £21/ $26 
6. Dior Diorshow Black Out £22/ $25 
7. MAC Zoom Lash £14/ $15 
8. Rimmel Glam Eyes £7.19/ $7.90 


  1. I should try that masterpiece asap! :)

  2. Masterpiece Max has been my fave for years! that and revitalash every night

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