If your hair is a matted mess after the shower (I hear you) this product is a-mazing, it's the best I've ever used. You just need to apply a small amount to wet hair, any hair type and no matter how matted and knotted your hair the TONI&GUY Smoothing Detangler will let a comb glide through your hair as if you're in a Pantene advert.

Someone needs the Smoothing Detangler

That means no more tugging and breaking your hair. Style as usual after and it tames frizz and flyaways and helps condition for smoother and more manageable hair.
 It costs £6.39 in the UK and you only need a small amount so one bottle lasts months. 
They do ship overseas (yay) but it's expensive (boo).

If you have dry or damaged hair have a look at my brilliant Hair Miracle tip.

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