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If I was to ever make a top 5 favourite products list, after my head combusted, this would be on it. I love it so much I don't know I can write with enough restraint that I wont sound a total weirdo for having such strong feelings for a make-up. It really is a perfect product and there's nothing wrong with it. Oh wait, it costs £31/ $48 and no store ever has it in stock, there's that. But when you do finally find one it's a match made in heaven for most.

It's a fantastic cream bronzer for all types of caucasian and olive skin (sorry anyone else) that goes on beautifully and blends to nothing, so no fear of orange streaks. The velvet finish leaves your skin with a natural sun-bathed dewy glow just like the catwalks. It's extremely versatile; it can be worn all over the cheeks as a blush, used to contour and sculpt, as a highlighter under blusher on darker skin or as an all over bronzer mixed with your foundation. I use this all over my cheeks running up and around the hair line and under my jaw and I either pair it with a pinky blusher lightly on the apples of the cheeks for a flattering flush or underneath a darker blusher for contouring. I tend to use this on most people, no matter what look I'm creating as it creates a wonderful natural healthy glow on everyone, either as a base under something else or on it's own.

How you apply is just as important as how you use it. You need to use it with any synthetic brush as they pick up the right amount of product and are much better for blending creams than natural hair. MAC 187 is ideal for using as a blusher or bronzer and MAC 188 is ideal for contouring. Natural hair brushes will never look as good, they will most likely apply patchy and certainly leave a whole mess of hairs in the gorgeous pot you paid a small fortune for, dont go for a natural haired brush.

My final words are yes it is expensive but it lasts forever, for reals daily use will last years. And if you're having problems finding one, stay patient! Make friends with the Chanel counter and hopefully they will save you one from the next delivery.

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