The cold and rainy British weather doesn't leave me feeling very beauty inspired or particularly beautiful and it's not wonderful for the skin either, especially if you have really dry, chapped skin, dermatitis or eczema.

A year ago I got an allergic reaction on my hands that spread up my arms. It was really hard to pin point what was causing the reaction as I use many different products on my hands while I'm working, but I also wasn't using any new products so obviously I must have become allergic to work. However needs must and turning up on a job with E.T. hands is not a good look for a make-up artist so for months I tried every over the counter eczema cream and prescription steroid cream.  Nothing worked and eventually a dermatologist gave me a sample of Balneum and within a few hours my hands and arms had practically cleared up.

I never found out what caused the reaction but I've never had it since. I still use the Balneum Plus Cream (£5.35) regularly. My hands sometimes get dry and crack from constantly washing them at work or working outside and anyone suffering from cracked hands knows how painful that is, but I use the cream and it clears instantly.

I also use the Baneum Plus Bath oil (£4.09) which keeps my skin so soft I never really need to use a body moisturiser (good for lazy people).

From talking with other dermatitis and eczema sufferers who swear by other products that didnt work for me I really believe there is no one product fits all and you have to find the one that works for you and your skin. But, if you are suffering and haven't tried Balneum Plus give it a go, for me it really was nothing short of a miracle.

Has anyone ever tried Balneum?


  1. Thanks very much, I have the same problem for years, I have used countless creams, hope this will be the magic one :). I'll try this and tell after what happen.

  2. I hope it works for you, do let me know


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