Just so we're clear my hair is never soft, ever. It's bleached, dry, long, frizzy and it hasn't been shiny since I discovered a hairdryer and Wella aged 11.

A similar example to my hair in the morning

Last night I heated up some extra virgin olive oil, poured it over my hair, wrapped it in clingfilm and a towel and slept (slightly uncomfortably) like that before washing it out in the shower this morning.

A picture describing part of what I just wrote

 The result?

It's like a Loreal advert where I cant stop swishing my hair and running my fingers through its softness. My hair has never been softer and my highlights look so shiny! I never have shiny hair!

Try it and share your results in the comments section, feedback always welcome.

Have a look at another brilliant beauty tip with olive oil.

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