I've never been a fan of Bobbi Brown since my shimmer brick broke after a week ten years ago and when I returned it the sales person said I had obviously dropped it (I hadn't), called me a liar and told me to leave the store immediately. I even wrote to the head office in New York to let them know about my mistreatment (two pages) and never heard back, that was when I started my one woman Bobbi Brown boycott. I weakened and made exception for the black gel eyeliner because, duh, but with the passing of time I'm finally over it enough to get excited about the new Neon and Nudes Spring 2012 collection, specifically the 'Citrus' orange lip gloss. 

 Citrus Tangerine * Cosmic Pink * Ultra Violet * Atomic Orange * Neon Pink * Uber Beige

I'm not sure when I would use it other than on a fashion shoot, but it looks amazing. If I was a bright lipstick/ lip gloss wearer (I'm not) I would be first in line to get this. For those like me the 'Atomic Orange' lipstick is much more wearable and a stunning colour.

For a more sedated lip gloss Cabana Coral (£17) is gorgeous.

The collection is already out in America and will be on sale in UK late January. 


  1. How rude-they should not behave like that to their customers no matter what.
    I have Bobbi's shimmerbrick in rose and mositure rich foundation,and I'm very happy with them. But nothing can make that attitude acceptable!
    Those lipglosses look like candies :)

  2. It took a decade but im over it now! i love orange sweets, maybe thats why i'm so drawn to the orange one?


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