If you have perfect nails this post isn't for you but if your nails grow, split, catch at the sides, break and then you bite them in a never ending cycle then you are about to worship me and my gospel. 

For 22 years I have tried EVERY (no exaggeration) nail hardener there is on the market in England and North America and none work, none.

A Canadian manicurist told me to soak my nails in white vinegar for 15/20 minutes twice a week and I swear, you will NEVER waste your money on a hardener again. 

But you will spend ££/$$ getting your perfect nails painted ALL THE TIME

It's a little miracle.. TRUST ME

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  1. My new career Annie???? Also wipe the vinegar over your nails under your base every time you put polish on (be sure to dry them off though or the polish will bubble)


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