Winter can be a nightmare for our skin and no amount of makeup looks good on bad skin. The cold weather and central heating leaves most of us with dry tight skin so it's really important to change your regime as much as you feel its necessary
  Try these tips and you will definitely see a difference

1. Drink water  
My top beauty tip whatever the time of year but in the winter your skin really needs moisture. Drink 2 litres every day and you will see the difference immediately. Drink a glass more for every tea, coffee and fizzy drink

2. Look after your face 
Those sun rays will still get you so make sure your foundation and moisturiser has an SPF factor, pref 20 minimum, you'll be grateful in five to ten years whatever your age. The best products that i have found that I use all year round either on their own or under foundations is Dermalogica Sheer Tint Moisture SPF 15 (comes in 3 colours; light, medium, dark) or La Roche Posay Anthelios 50+ Tinted Creme. These both give wonderful amounts of moisture to the skin and give a lovely glowy even base on their own or under foundation. Both are truly wonder products

3. Exfoliate  
My favourite is Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant and it's not won a ton of beauty awards for nothing. It is soft enough to use every day but you dont have to if you dont need it, judge by your own face. Really great for both men and women, I just couldn't advise any other exfoliater. It's not cheap but you need such a tiny amount a bottle should last 3-5 months

4. Soap Free Products
Any bath product that is soap free will be less drying than ones with soap. Balneum bath oil is particularly good for dry skin and excema
5. Moisture 
Hot baths, central heating, in and out the cold, clothes chaffing.. your skin is crying out for moisture. Extra virgin olive oil is the best and cheapest body moisturiser you can buy

6. Lips 
Sore chapped lips are not a good look for anyone. For very sore lips Blistex Relief Cream is the best

7. Hand cream 
Exposed hands cop it the worst during winter. Use gloves when you can and use hand cream like its going out of fashion. Neutrogena Concentrated Hand Cream is particularly good for dry chapped hands. If they're really bad Balneum Plus Cream is the best thing i've found and i've tried everything

8. You are what you eat 
Not to go all Gillian Mckeith on you but if you eat jacket potatos and pot noodles every day your skin will look rubbish, throw in a few fruit and vegetables once in a while

9. Exercise 
The more you exercise and get the blood pumping round your body the better your skin will look (and you will feel) and that's a medical fact

10. Keep Tissues on you, go easy on the makeup & use waterproof mascara 
My eyes tear and run the moment i step out the door all winter. Tear streaks through a base is the worst look EVER!

You can buy all these products in most chemists or off Amazon. I'd love to hear your winter skin tips


  1. Great tips!
    I use heavier moisturizers for my skin as it gets drier in winter.
    Neutrogena Concentrated Hand Cream is my favorite hand cream for winter,too. It does everything a hand cream should do , it is cheap and it lasts forever.

  2. I like Neutrogena concentrated hand cream it is good but I dont like the greasy feeling it leaves

  3. The blog is really nice by giving out the content on Beauty Tips for Skincare which are in a natural way, Those tips are more precious Thanks for sharing.


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