Is the Toni&Guy Deep Barrel Waver any good?
I love it, I havent slept in wet plaits since i got it

What does it do that my wand doesnt? 
Tongs & wands make curls, this makes proper actual waves. If you start at the top you get an amazing full head of waves with loads of body or you can start halfway down and get a beautiful sophisticated classic wave that you just cant get with tongs

Is it really all that, reaaally? 
Well if you have long hair it takes longer to use than a wand as you have to clamp the barrel more than once down the length of the hair. But unlike a wand the thicker the amount of hair you clamp the better the wave holds so you make up time that way. Chin & shoulder length hair that only need one or two clamps will be much quicker than a wand

I have tongs and a wand do I really need this? 
Probably not we dont need anything, but will you WANT this? Yes

My GHD's cost me 90 quid, whats the damage on these?
I saw them for £35 in John Lewis, bargain 

Blimey that is cheap, any tips?
Clamp the barrel down firmly. Use larger clumps at the bottom of the hair. You shouldnt need hairspray it should hold all day (it lasts two days on my long hair).

It's quite clunky & will take a couple of goes to get used to the placement of the barrel but if you love a wand once you get going with this you'll love it.

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