Fantasy make-up is not every make-up artists favourite thing to do. I come from a painting background so I like mixing up painting & faces. But not face painting, that's something different for 5 year olds.

The alien head I created for this Pendulum video took forever to make even though the model sat really well, which helps a a lot. This is where prepping before a job is so important as you never know how things are going to work out on the face, and it turns out drawing straight lines on faces are pretty hard. I tore my hair out for days before the shoot at my lack of steady hand and failing with a ruler/ tape measure anything I could think of that would bend to the face.

On another make-up artists suggestion I ended up using surgical tape on the face, the same way I would use masking tape on a canvas to make a straight edge (paint over then peel off). This worked but it had to be done in painfully small pieces as a face isn't flat like a canvas & it took hours, each time I laid tape it lifted the white base & I was forever going over areas freehand that I had already done. 

But it was totally worth it as it looks amazing and they made the most awesome effects with it in the edit.  

And now I always have surgical tape in my kit just in case I need to draw a neat line!

You can watch the video here - Pendulum 'The Other Side'

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