I would hope that regular readers of my blog know and trust that I don't recommend expensive products if I don't think they are worth it, or if a much cheaper product could do the same job just as well. This would be one of those times because I do think this is a lot of money to spend on an exfoliator, but it is also the best exfoliator I have ever used, it is absolutely brilliant. I've read hundreds of reviews on other websites of people saying the same and when so many other people swear by something I believe it's worth a look. I will say that I have been using this regularly (every few days) since last June and it has only just run out, that's 9 months usage and while I can justify anything when it comes to spending money, I do think that is very good value for money.

Goldfaden MD is a popular and highly efficacious, medical grade skincare brand created and developed by renowned US Dermatologst Dr Gary Goldfaden. The formulations are results focused and inspired by in-office treatments and procedures but without any harsh ingredients that cause irritation. They focus on antioxidants and active plant-based complexes that offer the highest level of successful results. I haven't tried any others but you can see their other products here.

Dr. Goldfaden's coveted Ruby Crystal Microderm Exfoliator is his most popular product, it contains powerful ruby crystals that 
polish away dead surface cells, providing immediate cell renewal and leaving skin brighter, clearer and younger-looking. It also contains hyaluronic acid which holds moisture to the skin increasing volume to collagen layers, in addition to seaweed and organic red tea extracts which nourish and firm the skin, as well as providing potent anti-oxidant protection. They recommend daily use, I personally think that is too often, and it seems most of the reviews think the same as me. With that said regular use certainly improves the appearance of fine lines, reduces pore size, and leaves a healthy, radiant complexion for all skin types. The ruby crystals in Doctor’s Scrub takes away all the dead skin cells, dirt and excess makeup piling on the top of your skin, and by exfoliating away all those dead skin cells your skin is able to absorb other treatments and products more effectively, which will ultimately lead to a brighter, more youthful glow.

Simple to use you massage a very small amount of the scrub onto damp skin (remembering your neck) in circular motions and rinse with warm water. I can't stress enough how small an amount you need, it is such a concentrated product you really need such a tiny amount, and bearing in mind the price you probably want to make it last. I also must stress how gently this should be used, it is not a soft scrub for the faint hearted. You will work out yourself how much your skin can take but start off very gentle or it will feel like you are sandpapering your face. I have extremely sensitive skin and while I sometimes go red after use (usually if I've scrubbed too hard) the redness abates within a few minutes. I am confident a
fter one use you will feel like you never had such soft and smooth skin before and honestly, while it may seem expensive, it really does a good a job as a course of microdermabrasion but at a fraction of the cost.

To buy in US go here.

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If you don't suffer from dry lips, lucky you! as you will have no idea how painful and annoying it is. And I don't mean your standard common dry lip, I mean the cracked and sore dry lips that some of us suffer from that nothing EVER fixes it, where wearing lipstick is a dream we once had until we tried it, suffered for 3 days and swore it wasn't worth it, where life is just a constant battle of being one crack away from peeling your entire lip off and applying lip balm more often than you look at your phone.
If you don't suffer from those dry lips be thankful and move on. If you do, please know I am one of you, and my whole life has been about finding the perfect lip balm to cure this misery. I wish I could tell you I found the cure but I haven't, but out of the hundreds I have tried (and I do actually mean hundred) I have found three that actually work for a bit, and I couldn't live without any of these, as in I would literally have a panic attack if I didn't have one in my purse.

1. Clinique Superbalm Lip Treatment £13/$16
This is fantastic, reallllly fantastic. It is a bit gloopy and sticky like a very gloopy gloss which I don't love but others may. It's also a small tube and expensive so it doesnt last long (at the rate I use it), but boy does it work very very well, on a miracle level I would say.

2. Blistex Relief cream £2.65 
This stuff is what dreams are made of. I don't like to use this as my sole lip balm as I have a feeling it cures and perpetuates the problem like vaseline does, i.e. makes you use more. but it does work, even on deep cracks, lips feel really comforted and cooled after use. And for the amount I use I love the price. You do need to apply with a mirror as it can leave you with white lips, not good for reapplying in the cinema or anywhere there isn't a mirror.

3. Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm £7.25 or £12 for 2 (comes in a few different flavours)
This is amazing, such a great find. It doesn't have the immediate cure that Clinique Superbalm does on deeper cracks but it still works, and it's excellent to use when lips are ok. The consistency is my favourite of the three, there is no gloopiness or excess shine, it applies the easiest and feels the nicest.

I do worry the more I use one I will develop a tolerance and it won't work so I use all three at different times of the day, in my opinion that's the best way to get the most out of them.

I also recommend applying Coconut oil, it must be raw, cold pressed virgin Coconut Oil, like this one. It doesn't last too long on the lips, so I like to put this on at night to soak in. 

If you suffer, like me please trust me when I tell you the ones listed above are a godsend and definitely work where others haven't. I couldn't possibly list all the ones I have tried, I would be here forever, but please do share any products you've had success with in the comments, I'm sure I have missed out some to try and the hunt never stops. And please do not insult me by suggesting Vaseline, Carmex, Khiels or 8 Hour Cream, of course I have tried them and they do nothing!

Ps: you may also want to look at my Serious Creams For Seriously Dry Hands post.

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Expensive but sooo good, I found them on sale here

'SK-II with Pitera' is a popular brand used by women around the world. Pitera, the key ingredient in SK-II skincare, is a naturally occurring extract that is scientifically proven to deliver seven beneficial effects and works to maintain the skin's natural renewal cycle. It supports your skin’s natural functions, replenishes moisture, smoothes surface texture, balances PH, enhances clarity, regulates sebum and evens skintone. 
Cate Blanchett regularly attributes SK-II for her wonderful skin. It's also very expensive! 

I've used one other product from the brand, also wonderful, but I am crazy about their Facial Treatment Mask which is a radiance and moisture-enhancing cotton facial mask. Each mask is generously soaked with Pitera that 
drenches the skin with Pitera’s fusion of vitamin, amino acids, minerals and organic acids, and revitalizes, comforts, and provides intense hydration. It immediately replenishes dehydrated skin resulting in a visibly radiant and clear complexion. 

I am a massive fan of these! I've tried a few other paper masks and I will say I'm not really keen on them but *this* one is worth it and is probably the best mask I've used for moisturising and an instant fix, you really do notice an immediate difference. I have had some severely dry and sore skin lately and one mask instantly made a huge difference to my skin. They come in a box of 6 or 10 sachets and are very easy to use, place the mask over the face, pat down and leave on for 5-15 minutes. I also found there is so much excess product at the bottom of each sachet, enough to continue using as a serum for another three or four uses which is a lovely bonus!

And the good news is Harrods have a 50% off sale at the moment, a box of 6 is £54 or a box of £10 is £86. Still expensive but if you're getting it anyway get it now as they're half price!

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What I love the most about these interviews is hearing how successful artists started in this industry and what's fascinating to me is that everyone's story is different. Mike Mekash started out as an artist and graphic artist who found his way on to sets doing tattoo work. Before he knew it he was working in some capacity as a fully fledged makeup or special effects artist on some of the biggest films and TV shows in recent history. From Prison Break, Valkyrie, Iron Man 2, Eat Pray Love, Glee, John Carter, The Amazing Spider-Man, Star Trek Into Darkness, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Mad Max: Fury Road, it's an impressive list. He is mostly (and widely) know for his incredible work as makeup artist, prosthetics artist and as assistant makeup department head (with his lovely wife Eryn Krueger-Mekash) on American Horror Story, one of my favourite shows and widely recognised for having the best of the best makeup and makeup effects. Having just finished American Horror Story: Hotel, Mike took some time to tell me about his career, his work and share some of his best tips.

Snapshot of Mike's career

MANW: How did you start your career and what was the progression it took?
MM: I started my art career back when I lived in the Seattle area. I worked a day job and was a freelance graphic artist in my free time, doing whatever I could for whomever was interested. Some people love what you do and others don't care for it at all, it taught me a lot about rejection. The next company loved what the last did not, which made me realise there is no bad art, you just need the right audience. I then took a job in LA drawing tattoos for film and TV, which parlayed into being on set and seeing what goes on and deciding this would be something I would love to do.

MANW: You mainly do regular and special effects makeup for film or huge TV dramas, did you ever want to work in fashion or beauty?
MM: It never crossed my mind that I would end up doing beauty makeups. I remember when I first started drawing women how hard it was to get that eye makeup just right, I don't mean to toot my own horn but my lady drawings were not pretty. With time I did get it down though, and I do enjoy making pretty faces even prettier.

MANW: Do you have a preference for the type of jobs and makeups you like to do, and do you prefer straight or effects makeup?
MM: I like jobs that make you feel like you might be way over your head. When I first started going to sets I would almost hyperventilate, it would really get my heart pumping, the excitement and the chance of failure was real. Every other art job I did you had time to change it if you didn't like the results, but not in this industry. You have to get it right and people are counting on you to have it at a certain time on set and looking flawless. It's exciting!!!

MANW: I know you work very closely with your brilliant wife Eryn (Krueger-Mekash), how much say do you have in her insanely great designs and what is your process of creating character looks?
MM: We do work well together, she has a great eye for designing. Like any couple we bounce ideas off each other all the time, I help her, she helps me, most of the time we have the same ideas. When it comes to any character you can get most of what you need from the script. For American Horror Story a meeting is held where we go over the script with all departments and questions are offered up. Ryan Murphy (AHS creator) usually has a specific look he has expressed and it is up to the makeup department to realise his vision. We work closely with AFX Studios (sfx creations) about what we are thinking and visa versa. It's all brains on deck when it comes to episodic television, time is short and turnarounds are quick so if you have an idea speak up because in an hour it may be to late.

MANW: How much do logisitcal issues come into play with character designs and how do you keep continuity on characters with heavy/intricate effects?
MM: Continuity is always a major issue when shooting any character. As the show progresses there may be changes in period looks, or punches that eventually bruise. You just have to take and catalog a lot of pictures. Organization skills are more than half of a makeup artist's job.

MANW: You have worked on some legendary shows like American Horror Story, Glee, Prison Break..can you tell us about some of the stand out moments of your career?
MM: I can tell you every day I am surprised I get to work in this industry. One moment in particular was getting to go to Namibia on "Mad Max Fury Road" through Tinsley Studios for a makeup test. Meeting the makeup department head Lucy Ryan and director George Miller was a thrill, plus having a chance to see all the costumes and cars in action that first day of shooting. I mean Mad Effin Max!!!!!! I still sometimes can't believe it.

MANW: You've been in the industry a long time, how do you think it has differed and what advice would you give to new artists starting out?
MM: I've been in the industry for a few years, let's not get carried away. Lol. I would say one of the biggest things I've seen become a major part of any artists job these days is managing the pitfalls of social media and the Internet; IMDb will say you're known for something you are not really "known" for, people tear down other people for a makeup that may have been posted out of context in a magazine or forum, everything is out there for everyone to see. Give credit where credit is due and try to be a decent human is all you can try to be, everything else is not important. And try and remember it's ONLY MAKEUP! We are not curing cancer.

MANW: All artists have a 'wish list'; a face, a show or film they would have loved to have worked on. My current one (other than AHS, which has ridiculous makeup and effects and AHS Hotel has somehow managed to knock every other series out of the park) is the show Nashville, I'm obsessed with the country glamour and Connie Britton's amazing hair, but also an old British show 'The Mighty Boosh' which has excellent makeups by Christine Cant that I think you'd really dig. Also, there's a British series 'This Is England' which has the greatest 80s hair & makeup design by Catherine Scoble (that for sure Eryn would love) which is always at the top of my wish list. Who or what are yours?
MM: I'm a big sci-fi movie fan, it can be a horrible sci-fi movie and I will love it!!!! So there is the obvious Star Wars but if it was a past movie "The Fifth Element" is amazing, and any Aliens movie past present or future would be stellar!!!

MANW: On to the good stuff, what are your tricks for flawless looking skin?
MM: Why thank you, I try and not over wash my face and moisturise on a daily basissss............. oh you meant for other people.

MANW: What are your top 5 holy grail kit products?
For Fx they are:
1. MAC Cream Brilliance is great to add a little shine to any issues of flatness due to painting, or to put in a fake cut to lessen how much fake blood will be needed.
2. PPI Skin Illustrator palettes
3. Camera to look at your makeups through, sometimes seeing how they look though a lens will help you decide what color they may need
4. Paasche H airbrush with a pressure valve connection, the workhorse of any FX makeup artist.
5. Opsite flexifix madcap tape..101 uses!

and for beauty:
1. Julie Hewitt's cream blushes
2. Stila liquid liner pens
3. A good Viseart eye shadow palette
4. I like the Tarte BB Creams
5. Color Science powder (pressed or loose) are always in the set bag.

MANW: What's your best makeup artist tip to give women?
MM: Have more than one foundation for when you get some color from the sun. And in my opinion make it look natural, I want to recognize the person when they are not in makeup.

MANW: Finally, false eyelashes - the longer the better or enough already they look ridiculous?
MM: Less is more. 

For more info on Mike you can see his IMDB page here, follow him on Twitter here and Instagram here.

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As we're full swing in the party season here is another of my makeup video tutorials showing another party makeup that's perfect for New Years Eve, this time it's a 60's smokey eye!

You can see my other makeup tutorial videos on my YouTube channel and Cosmopolitan online. 

If you do this makeup please send me photos on Twitter or Instagram, I'd love to see!

*Watch my Disco party makeup video*
*Watch my perfect party makeup video*

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Christmas is for giving so, here you go..! 

Here are 25 fantastic products, I will pick 5 winners and those 5 winners will choose 5 of these items each.* All you have to do is share this photo on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #anniemakeupgiveaway. I will pick 5 winners on Monday 4th January.

I'll announce the winners on Twitter and Instagram so make sure you follow me there.

1. Hugo Boss Jour Pour Femme Perfumed Body Lotion
2. Clinique Smart SPF 15 Custom Repair Moisturiser  - Combination Oily to Oily Skin
3. Jurlique Essence of Rose Roll on Fragrance Oil 
4. Kevin Murphy Color Bug Gold Shimmer Hair Shadow
5. Dermalogica Cover Tint SPF20 - Light
6. Cover FX Total Cover Cream Foundation - N70
7. Burberry Light Glow Natural Bush - Earthy Blush No. 07
8. Sisley Phyto Eye Twist Eyeshadow Pencil - 5 Lagoon
9. Bobbi Brown Lipgloss - Pink Sunset
10. Urban Decay Matte Revolution Lipstick - Matte Bittersweet
11. Urban Decay Sheer Revolution Lipstick - Sheer Anarchy
12. Becca Ultimate Matte Lip Colour - Claudine
13. Sleek Lip4 Palette - Tease
14. Sleek Lip4 Palette - Showgirl
15. Mandara Spa Christmas Bauble Shimmering Lip Butter Treat
16. Delilah Eye Definer Brush 5008
17. Sleek i-Quad Eyeshadow & Eyeliner - Midnight Blues Limited Edition
18. Sleek i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette - Enchanted Forest
19. Tarte Cosmetics Coloured Clay Tinted Brow Gel - Black Brown
20. Blink Brow Bar Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil & Brush - Jasmine Mogra
21. Blink Brow Bar Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil & Brush - Cardamon Pod
22. Wunder2 WunderBrow Brow Gel - Brunette
23. Wunder2 WonderBrow Brow Gel - Blonde
24. Wunder2 Wunderbrow D-Fine - Blonde
25. Mandara Spa For Men Mens Travel Selection Gift Set

*If any winners first choices have been chosen by another winner you will be be able to choose from those items left



As we're heading full swing into the party season here is another of my makeup video tutorials showing another perfect Christmas party makeup, this time it's disco!

You can see my other makeup tutorial videos on my YouTube channel and Cosmopolitan online. 

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*Watch my first perfect Christmas party makeup video*
*Watch my 60's Smokey Eye makeup video*

YSL La Tient Touche Eclat Foundation
YSL Pure Chromatics Eyeshadow, Palette 1
NARS Eyeliner Stylo, Black
Estee Lauder Sumptuous Two Tone Mascara, Black
MAC Mineralise Skinfinish, Soft & Gentle
NARS Blusher, Orgasm
Jurlique Rose Silk Finishing Powder

CKone Lipstick, 200 Rush

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As we're heading full swing into the party season here is one of my makeup tutorial videos I made for World Duty Free showing the perfect Christmas party makeup. 

You can see my other makeup tutorial videos on my YouTube channel and Cosmopolitan online. 

If you do this makeup please send me photos on Twitter or Instagram, I'd love to see!

*Watch my Disco party makeup video*
*Watch my 60's Smokey Eye makeup video*



Filling in bad brows and making them look bigger (and natural) is the story of my life, I am obsessed with brows whether my own or other peoples. At work I spend extra time on all the brows in my chair, I like to think it's my 'thing' and that I give good brow, probably because I've been obsessed with trying to make mine bigger for 25 years since I plucked them all out (it was a 90's thing). So, speaking as a self-appointed brow expert, I like to think I know a thing or two about brow products, I've used eyeshadow, pencils, wax pencils, brow zing, other powders, mascaras, but I've never used a brow mousse before and let me tell you this one is pretty spectacularTarte's Amazonian clay-infused brow mousse is so good, I am converted!

There are two reasons that make this such a great product. 
1. The formula is really light (with a light touch) so it glides on really easy and and blends seamlessly so no harsh lines or waxy buildup
2. The mousse minimizes oil around the hair follicle to keep pigment in place and stops it from flaking or transferring. 

It really does go on so easy, so fast. I'm super fast anyway having done it for 25 years but I'm even faster with the mousse, what took 60 seconds with a pencil now takes about 15.  And the staying power is fantastic, I have never had any brow product last all day. I have spent the last 25 years trying to remember not to touch or rub my eyes in case I wipe my brows off (happens all the time), they come off in the rain, I've even sweated them off (lovely). But this little pot hasn't moved during HIIT gym workouts or any accidental knocks or smudges, which is an amazing feat. I will say it did not last a Bikram class (yoga in 104 degrees- lot of sweat and wiping) but that was just wishful thinking. It's so great for summer and running around all day, it just doesn't budge or melt, it's supposedly waterproof and ok with swimming and but I've not tested that. 

It comes with a good double ended brush that I also use. You use the angled side to apply using short, upward strokes. It's so important to use a very light hand, I can't stress this enough, please, no more horrid Instagram brows. Always use the spoolie comb after to brush your brows up which makes them look more natural and thicker. It comes in five colours, I use the Rich Brown which is a little dark for me but I use it so lightly, with hardly anything on the brush and it works great. I will say it is not ideal to carry in your handbag for touchups so, for emergencies, I still carry a pencil in my purse, but with that said I have yet to use one because the mousse doesn't move! For my favourite brow pencils (just in case) go here, and if you are trying to grow your brows you must try this, it's a miracle for growing brows and hair!

*It is available to buy on Amazon UK but it is much cheaper to buy from Sephora US and ship to UK, even with the postage. It's also extremely worth the money, if a pot lasts less than a year you are doing something wrong!

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From her part in huge films such as Clash Of The Titans and Love Actually to the revered British comedies of That Mitchell and Webb Look, Dead Ringers, Absolutely Fabulous, Peep Show and The Armstrong and Miller Show, to the more recent excellent British dramas A Young Doctor's Notebook and The Last Kingdom, Kate Benton has long been a solid part of British TV and film history having worked on many British classics. Nominated for an Emmy, BAFTA and RTS awards no less than eight times, Kate is known for her wonderful makeup designs and producing major transformations with makeup, prosthetics and hair. Kate also owns PAM (with Makeup Artist Jan Sewell), one of the leading professional makeup supply shops in the UK. PAM's motto is to never stop learning and they try to bring everything they learn on set onto the shop's website to share with other artists. Recently finished working on the brilliant The Last Kingdom, Kate took the time to tell me a little about her career, her highlights, give her best tips and of course share her favourite products.

Snapshot of Kate's career

MANW: How did you start your career and what was the progression it took?
KB: I was lucky enough to start at the BBC makeup school (when they had one) and I got an excellent training there. After ten years I left and went freelance, and then I started PAM (Precious About Makeup makeup store) to allow everyone access to both the knowledge and the products we use on set on films and TV. 

MANW: You mainly work as a hair & makeup department head in TV, did you ever want to work in fashion or beauty?

KB: No. Most of my work tends toward the wig/prosthetic/casualty side of makeup, it's what I really love. Having said that, doing Elizabeth Hurley on the last two seasons of the Royals was straight beauty and great fun.

MANW: Do you have a preference for the type of jobs  and make-ups you like to do? Do you prefer hair or makeup? and do you prefer straight or effects makeup?
KB: Last year I did a Viking drama for BBC America called The Last Kingdom. There were battles, beards, decapitations galore and I can honestly say it's been one of my favourite jobs. Ditto A Young Doctors Notebook with Daniel Radcliffe and Jon Hamm, which was period, blood and gore and snow all mixed together. I like being very busy! I genuinely like doing both and find it very strange and sterile when I am limited to either one or the other.

MANW: Over the years you designed on a lot of sketch comedy shows, as well as plenty of serious drama character work (The Last Kingdom was fantastic hair & makeup). What is your process of creating character looks and how much say do you have in the designs? 
KB: Honestly I loved doing comedy. The joke in comedy so often relies on the makeup department for the visual gag so it can be fantastic fun to design looks to either make or re-inforce the joke. In drama it's more refined and possibly more pressurised. On the Last Kingdom the initial looks were dictated by the director who banned the use of wigs and lace beards, so we had to up our skills to do wefts, extensions and laid on hair. It was also a great mix of factual, like the sharpened teeth for Skorpa the warlord, and modern interpretation with tattoos and hairstyles.

MANW: You have worked on some brilliant TV shows, That Mitchell and Webb Look, Armstrong & Miller, Ab Fab, Peep Show. Can you tell us about some of the stand out moments of your career? 
KB: Working with amazing actors and crew is what makes it such a fab job. Recently  I worked closely with Alexander Dreymon, the lead in the Last Kingdom, which was lovely, and my daughter was also the script supervisor so we were in Budapest together for six months. 

MANW: You've been in the industry a long time, how do you think it has differed and what advice would you give to new artists starting out? 
KB: Yes I have seen many changes. I think it's both tougher now and also easier to move up quicker! Tougher as so many people want to get there, but there are no set rules so if you get a lucky break you can shoot up the ladder very quickly.

MANW: All artists have 'the wish list'; a face they would love to work on or a show or film they would have loved to have worked on. I would have loved to have worked on This is England, Catherine Scoble's 80's period designs have long been a favourite of mine, and The Mighty Boosh is another, it had such incredible makeups by Christine Cant. Who or what are yours?

KB: Good choices!! Both of these makeup artists have also been long time favourites of mine. I honestly love Jan Sewell's (co-owner of PAM) work, I used to be her trainee at the BBC, she is technically brilliant and I predict she might well be in the oscar nominations for her work with Eddie Redmayne on Danish Girl. like doing big changes so to have worked on something like the Danish Girl, that Jan designed, would have been a favourite, partly because of Eddie Redmayne (enough said) and partly because the makeup and hair is so crucial to the story. Or a big epic like Gone With The Wind would have been great, just for sheer scale.

MANW: On to the good stuff, what are your tricks for flawless looking skin?
KB: I have to say it's Le Maquillage, they are the industries favourite base and the reason why we opened PAM all these years ago. They are the only wax foundation on the market and pretty amazing.

MANW: What are your top 5 holy grail kit products? 

KB: Le Maquillage grande palette, Triple masque, Make Up For Ever primer, Benetint and Louise Young eyeshadow palette.

MANW: What's your best makeup artist tip to give women?
KB: Less is more. This tip is more important the older you get!!

MANW: Finally, false eyelashes - the longer the better or enough already they look ridiculous?
KB: I just recently discovered the Kiss Lashes and we are trying to get them into the shop to sell. They are amazing and in the outer corner of the eye work so well. I think it's hysterical when you see the really strong heavy almost panto lashes on, they close the eye up instead of opening it! We also sell Velour lashes which are dark but soft and fine and lovely natural looking.

For more info on Kate you can see her IMDB page herefollow Kate on Twitter here and shop at PAM here

If you liked this interview and would like to read other leading industry makeup artists stories have a look at the rest of the series here.


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